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Mystim Cluster Buster

Mystim Cluster Buster

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The way the Cluster Buster provides a new kind of freedom to your love life, can easily be called a sexual revolution. Kind of overnight that fellow managed to make all of our toys remote controllable. You can have up to eight (!) different toys tingling and pulsating in different programs and intensities. They are remotely controlled via a small receiver; additional receivers are optionally available. And - as long as you keep the new "Shock" button pressed - you can do so with maximum intensity. pleasuring your partner and/or yourself multiple times, giving snow white and the seven dwarves more than just a tiny little climactic experience at the same time... everything goes. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.


  • Type: EMS device
  • Asymetrical bi-phased square pulse
  • Impulse width saved in every program
  • Frequency range 2 - 70 Hz
  • Intensity 0 - 70 mA
  • Channels 8
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Connection via the Mystim plug and the 2mm socket
  • 12 months warranty
  • the device can be preset and the switches can be locked
  • extra large display for a perfect readability in every situation
  • Simultaneous control of an unlimited number of toys

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