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Mystim Tickleberry Finn

Mystim Tickleberry Finn

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With Tickleberry Finn you’ll have a "Huckleberry friend" for your happy end – right where your excitement is especially intense. With just a bit of practice you can easily insert the 8 mm thin dilator into the urethra. Its gently rounded tips and the seamless smooth transition between the poles will also suit you. In the urethra, it then provides stimulation that is as strong and extraordinary as it would otherwise be impossible to achieve.


  • Type: e-stim urethral sounds
  • Length 19,6 cm
  • Diameter 8 mm
  • Weight 22 g
  • Colour: metallic
  • Made of hand polished medical aluminium
  • Electrical device required
  • Connection via Mystim-Plug

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